Creston School District #073

Mid-year 2016-2017dd

Superintendent/Principal Message



In my review of education over the past thirty-five years and my experiences as a teacher, coach, principal, and superintendent I have found one most important element for an individual, group, or an institution - HOPE.  When hope is present in the dynamics of a person or a system the future is bright and a growth mindset exists. The Seabees motto, ‘Can Do!’ is one of the best representations of a growth mindset. I have always been internally short-tempered with individuals who had the view that something could not be done or that they could not succeed. When I speak to students whether on the field or in the classroom my message is simple, “Persistently make the attempt, strive, persevere and that very action is success.” In most situations it is not the goal or the destination that is important, but the actions, mindset, and journey one pursues that becomes the important attribute of life. Hope is the common denominator that cuts across all socioeconomic, zip code, race, religion and all other demographic identifiers that separate us. When I, as an educator, abandoned the idea that some students would and should fail is when I began to believe in All students. I gave myself hope that all kids will learn. That hope rubs-off on colleagues, parents, and most importantly our children.

As stated in the Creston School Board Goals: Creston Schools will promote a sense of success and self-worth.  At Creston Schools we are truly about fostering hope and instilling a growth mindset. Hope necessarily asks us all to change how we measure success. Success cannot be attached to a specific time period, but more to the person who is performing the learning. As an educator, WHEN a student learns a skill or concept should not be as important as HOW a student continues to strive and to learn. Adults have within their grasp and attitude the opportunity to share HOPE with our children. When an adult smiles at a child, gives them a high five, speaks positively about the current condition of our world and remembers to celebrate the positives as much as to revile the negative; then, we are providing HOPE for our kids and for one another. With that in mind stop by sometime and visit the incredible children that we count as our cherished students. 

Dr. William J. Wadlington



“The mediocre teacher tells.

The good teacher explains.

The superior teacher demonstrates.

The great teacher inspires.” 

                                                                                                            - William A. Ward  as quoted by Robert Eaker


I would add one additional line to the quote:

The exceptional teacher cares personally about students. 

Student will not care what you know

until they know that you care. 




Last Modified on January 6, 2017