Creston School District #073

October 1, 2015

Co-op Meeting

Creston School

3:00 – 5:00


People in attendance:   Chuck, Carla, James, Annette, Jan, Roxane, Becky, Glenn and Joanne


Introductions and one work to describe thoughts on process:  monumental, change, complicated, creative, options, possibilities, opportunity……………


Those in attendance stated positive aspects and questions or concerns about the co-op.


Positive aspects:              class size, class selection opportunities, class discussions, state decision v. our decision, use strengths of teachers, small junior high classes, sports & athletics, more diversity, split classes for ability & higher level classes, junior high have their own space, larger social groups, consolidate teacher contacts, erase Wilbur Creston line, financial, ASB


Concerns/Questions:     class size, travel time for students and staff, contract issues, complicated process takes time, do not rush, time to plan, scope and sequence alignment, paid time to work, electives v. class size, not a good fit for everyone, larger social group, less likely to provide one on one attention, class discussion – some left out, special field trips and events will be eliminated, loss of “family” feel, reassignment of teacher duties, resources, elementary needs


Reviewed information sheet (see attachment)


Reviewed and discussed draft master schedule – needs more work.

Questions on the 7-8 schedule to Glenn

Questions on the 9-12 schedule to Carla


Next Meeting:  October 15          3:00 at Wilbur in the Art Room

Last Modified on October 15, 2015